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Matching Your Needs Perfectly

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Pro-Active Recruitment is a small well-established company, which has been in business for two years.

All our consultants are fully trained to deal
with a variety of vacancies from Secretarial to Senior Management positions in all fields including, computer, technical, legal and financial.

Our consultants work within a strong team orientated environment which ensures that
every client is exposed to our full database
of applicants.

Our service includes fully interviewed and referenced applicants as well as a visit to
your organisation to ensure that your requirements are fully met.

Lineage advertising and a listing on
our web site are done on your behalf at
no additional cost to you

We guarantee a professional service, high
level of expertise and ethical,
non-discriminatory approach to recruitment. This is backed up by our 90-day replacement guarantee on all our applicants.

We understand that employing staff is a
costly exercise and therefore offer excellent rates without any compromise on service.

We look forward to being of assistance to
your organisation.

To speak to a consultant Call (012) 998 6541

Consultants at Pro-active Recruitment understand that looking for a job is a difficult and stressful time for most people.

Registering with Pro-Active Recruitment will ensure that every applicant is
exposed to as many jobs as possible in a fair, non-discriminatory manor.

We guarantee a professional service, high level of expertise and ethical non-discriminatory approach to recruitment.

We compile a
professional CV on the applicant’s behalf at no additional cost to the applicant. This is done by inviting all applicants to our offices for a thorough interview in which the consultant has the opportunity to work through the applicant’s work history and establish the applicant’s needs in the work place.

We have several ways in which we market our applicant’s skills, one of which is on our web site. We always go the extra mile to find jobs for our applicants and put in a lot of effort to promote each one of them.

We do not stop looking for work for our applicants until either we are successful or the applicant finds a position by their own efforts. Once an applicant has secured work, we keep the applicant’s records for a further two years during which the applicant may reinstate their application by contacting us and updating the information on the CV.

We look forward to hearing from you.

To speak to a consultant Tel: (012) 998 6541

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