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Welcome to Thinkers Library

 For 15 years we have been dedicated to forging new frontiers with our groundbreaking titles. Not bound by the constraints of dogma and political-correctness, our books are infrequently found at your local bookstore. If you want to expand your universe, push the frontiers of knowledge and give yourself new insights and understanding, you are at the right site.

Please check out our web site and be sure to order without obligation our FREE 120+ title illustrated catalogue and sign on for the FREE Book Bulletins that will bring you to the cutting edge of new knowledge.

We are suppliers of books on the following subjects: Conspiracy, AIDS, Freemasonry, UFO, World War 2, Pyramids, Cancer, Vitamins, Aging, Extraterrestial, Ancient Civilizations, Lost Civilizations, Cover-ups, Nutrition, Alternative Medicine, Astronomy, Parapsychology, Ancient mysteries, Paranormal, Hitler, Nazism, Ancient Egypt, Illuminati, Tesla, Politics, Roswell, Nostradamus, Jesus, New World Order, Race, Eugenics, Propaganda, Warfare, Religion, Science, History, Health, Nutrition.

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